Activation Level Descriptions


Level 0 

Not Activated. 


Level 1
Monitoring and assessment only. Appropriate agencies are alerted and advised of the situation.
Level 2
Partial Activation. Appropriate staff, partners, agencies and volunteers will be activated and may be asked to report to a designated location.  All other partners and relevant agencies are alerted of the event and are on standby.   The purpose of Level II activation is to initiate preparations due to a significant threat of a disaster or to coordinate response due to the occurrence of a minor disaster.  During Level II activation, the EOC-R may be operational 24 hours a day.
Level 3
Full Scale Activation due to an imminent threat or occurrence of a disaster. May require OperationOC to be activated on a 24-hour schedule. All OperationOC staff, partners and volunteers are activated and may be requested to report as appropriate. At this level response, relief and recovery operations are expected to last for an extended period of time. Additional support or back-up staff, including representatives from Partner agencies are notified and may be requested to assist should the response escalate and exceed local capability.


For further information, e-mail Vicki McGuinness or call (714) 247-4362.

Activation Levels

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